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What is Rolf Posture Balancing?

Philip the owner of Rolf Posture Balancing offers the modality known as Rolf Method of Structural Integration. This type of bodywork is a scientifically validated system of body restructuring and movement education that releases your body from lifelong patterns of tension and bracing, permitting gravity to realign you. It has similar goals to chiropractic, but without adjusting the joints. This type of bodywork, unlike other therapies or forms of care that focus on muscles or only on joints, focuses primarily on fascia and connective tissue which connect everything together. Fascia is connective tissue made mostly of collagen. It forms in bands beneath the skin to attach, stabilize, enclose, and separate muscles and other internal organs. This work helps correct and rebalance shortened, thickened, and dehydrated fascia that restrict and impart joint mobility, muscle function and proper posture alignment.

How is Rolf Posture Balancing different from Chiropractic and Massage?

In chiropractic, they use a quick, high velocity thrust at a specific angle to take the joint past its normal range of motion to realign the joint. Unless the tension and strains fascia tissue are balanced and repositioned, the bones, which are embedded in this tissue will find their way back into their old habits of misalignment. Rolf posture balancing work balances the fascial imbalances using a slow, deep pressure to allow the fascia to slowly elongate and realign in the proper plane of motion so the bones fall back into their natural alignment while allowing more permanent posture change to occur. Rolf posture balancing has a neural muscular re-educating effect which lasts longer than massage by freeing and opening the body in a more effective way. Chiropractic alone is more focused on the joint. Rolf Method Structural Integration alone is more focused on the fascia and connective tissue and the body's relationship to gravity. Chiropractic and Rolf work can be highly effective when combined. Together the joint and all the soft tissue are reeducated all at once to bring the body back in to alignment.

As for massage, the usual goal for most types are to bring relaxation and stress relief to individual muscles through trigger point work which mostly gives temporary relief from symptoms. Rolf Posture Balancing addresses the cause of the pain and tension in the body by focusing on how the fascial network aligns the bone structure, not just about working tight muscles that are causing nerve pain. It takes a more holistic approach which results in profound and lasting changes. Rolf Practitioners have more technical training in anatomy, physiology, Kinesiology and their relationship than the average massage therapist. They understand the integrative relationship between the segments of the body and how to work more precisely on a deeper, more intrinsic level to bring about lasting change, not just immediate pleasure. Instead of immediate pleasure, Rolf practitioners help you to work through restricted areas to find lost places of freedom and joint mobility that have been lost due to restrictive movement habits.

Who created Rolf Method of Structural Integration?

Dr. Ida P. Rolf was the founder of the modality called The Rolf Method of Structural Integration in 1968. She had a Ph.D in Biochemistry and was interested in and studied many alternative healing modalities. She designed the system as a way to deeply manipulate and reorganize the fascial connective tissue system which surrounds every muscle and organ in the body. She created a 10 session series focusing on a different part of the body each session, to bring the body back into alignment with gravity. Yoga, Osteopathy, and The Alexander Technique most influenced Dr. Rolf in her creation of the 10 series posture balancing program.

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