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Philip's Ten Series Before and After Pictures

Client # 1


Client # 1 (in the above pic) suffered from an auto accident which broke his pelvis and he had been in pain ever since the accident. Here what he had to say about his Ten Series experience with Philip Clampitt

“I am 34 and when I was 17 I experienced a bad car accident and I had had severe pain ever since especially when waking up. I remember during the Ten Series with Philip after one of the sessions the next day I woke up and the pain was gone! I did not believe that was possible with how long it had been hurting. Most of the doctors would just want to put me on pills or do surgery and I did not want the side effects of the pills or to do surgery. And he took the pain away without any of those options. And for that I am forever grateful!” W. M.

Client # 2


Client # 2 (in the above pic) suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, and low back pain. She has a job related postural slouching habit from sitting improperly at a desk typing all day at a desk job for 15 years. See what she had to say about her Rolf Method Structural Integration experience

“Philip is an extremely sensitive, intuitive and holistic practitioner. He is unlike any bodyworker I’ve ever worked with. Going through the Ten-Series posture balancing program helped to relieve tension and stress, opening up blocked areas on a physical and emotional level. Philip’s work on my rib cage is particularly helpful as it assists my body to perform my pranayama practice better and generally breathe better. I work at a desk all day typing which causes constant overuse of my hands, resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome. His bodywork has been helpful in correcting my habit of slouching and reducing the number of flair-ups and the intensity of the carpal tunnel syndrome. I feel more in tune with my body and aware of my posture as I sit, stand, or walk. He has been a savior and I could not recommend him more highly.” D.A.

Client # 3


Client # 3 (in the above pic) was in an accident where his body was struck by a car while running down the side of the highway. He was running with his track/running team during high school practice. He was at the back of the line with the team when the driver fell asleep at the wheel and drove off the road at highway speed and grazed his body barely missing him. He was air lifted to the hospital. He had no broken bones or serious injuries other than cuts and bruises. Few years later his leg had not been moving like it had before the injury and he could not run as fast and it was becoming hard for him to run. Here is what he had to say about Philip Clampitt's posture balancing work.

"After the Ten Series with Philip my running became easier again, I regained my speed, I grew around an inch and I can breathe better!" J. C. Southern Indiana








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