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“I am 34 and when I was 17 I experienced a bad car accident and I had had severe pain ever since especially when waking up. I remember during the Ten Series with Philip after one of the sessions the next day I woke up and the pain was gone! I did not believe that was possible with how long it had been hurting. Most of the doctors would just want to put me on pills or do surgery and I did not want the side effects of the pills or to do surgery. And he took the pain away without any of those options. And for that I am forever grateful!” -- Wendell from Southern Indiana


"My body takes a fair amount of abuse as a distance runner and a cross-fitter, and my hamstrings and low back are usually pretty tight. I do yoga when I can, but nothing helps as much as a Rolf Method of Structural Integration session with Phil. One hour a month keeps me pain free in ways that massage therapy have been unable to provide. I would highly recommend Phil for athletes or anyone suffering from pain."

M. B.

“Philip is an extremely sensitive, intuitive and holistic practitioner.  He is unlike any bodyworker I’ve ever worked with. Going through the Ten-Series posture balancing program helped to relieve tension and stress, opening up blocked areas on a physical and emotional level.  Philip’s work on my rib cage is particularly helpful as it assists my body to perform my pranayama practice better and generally breathe better.  I work at a desk all day typing which causes constant overuse of my hands, resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome. His bodywork has been helpful in correcting my habit of slouching and reducing the number of flair-ups and the intensity of the carpal tunnel syndrome. I feel more in tune with my body and aware of my posture as I sit, stand, or walk.  He has been a savior and I could not recommend him more highly.” - D.A.

Kundalini Yoga Instructor


"Phil is highly skilled in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration technique. Not only do I refer my patients to him, but I see him myself!"

Dr. Raymond Manasia DC


"After the Ten Series with Philip my running became easier again, I regained my speed, I grew around an inch and I can breathe better!"

-- J. C.


“As a 44 year old Pole Fitness Athlete, Yoga instructor, flexibility coach and someone who trains extreme flexibility on a daily basis, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without Phil and his unique style of Rolf Method of Structural Integration. While it is intense and at times uncomfortable, the after effects are long lasting and keep me coming back. Especially when I’ve pushed my body too far and have managed to twist or knot up my lower back or knot up my hamstrings. He gets in to those extremely tight muscles and is able to get them to relax and realign them so I can move them. I’ve pulled a hamstring muscle from over stretching and each time it gets better and is almost back to new. While I notice immediate results after a session, the true results come within a few days after my body is able to adjust to his work. Within a few days my mobility and flexibility have returned to previous range of motion or in many cases I’m able to go deeper or past my previous range of motion. 

There have been a few times I pushed my back to far too fast and had very difficult time sitting. I knew I was in trouble, but after seeing Phil one time within a week my back and lower body was moving like nothing had happened. These days I prefer to take my extreme flexibility training a lot slower but I still work with Phil on a regular basis because he keeps my muscles at peak performance and I need that to do what I do every day.” - Freda Mooncotch,


“I did the 10 series Rolf Posture Balancing program with Phil, and found myself gushing about the results to anyone who would listen! After the 3rd or 4th treatment, my posture and walking gait had noticeably changed. The feeling of tension and tightness that I normally carried in my shoulders, traps, and mid back was simply gone! The best way I can describe it in words is that I felt lighter. Some of the treatments I received from Phil were like nothing else I have experienced, and I am an acupuncturist familiar with several different treatment modalities! I found that an immense amount of stress and buried emotions were tied up deep in my muscles and fascia, and Structural Integration was the only thing to uncover and release them, physically and emotionally. Rolf Method of Structural Integration, and specifically the 10 series will not only change your posture for the better, reduce pain and muscular tension, but can also resolve emotional stress and baggage that you've been carrying around for years!! I highly recommend!” C.N.


“I first got introduced to Phil and his Rolf Method of Structural Integration work from Dr. Chris Bocci (Loop Chiropractic Sports Injury Centers) due to specific pain from being a bowler and having lower back pain.  While the chiropractic care and massages were helping Dr. Bocci recommended a new technique to get more focus into my specific muscles and pain.  The first few sessions were intense but Phil was very verbal about how the sessions would go and what to expect both during and after.  I noticed very quickly how much my muscle aches and pain have diminished.  I have more mobility and better posture from it.  My "bowling body" continues to get better and better and I have Phil to thank for it.  Anyone who does sports knows the chronic fatigue and pain we can get and Phil has done a remarkable job getting me back to where I need to be.” -- Terysa

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